Learn The Truth About Best Hairspray In The Next 60 Seconds


Sachajuan Hair Mousse ($31)

Hallie Gould, Senior Editor at Byrdie

“I have fine hair but with lots of curly texture. My hair can be easily tamed (usually with a blow dryer and curling iron), but recently I’ve been more apt to let it run wild. Sometimes you just have to let it do its thang, you know? While I’ve had my fair share of scrunch, gel, and crunch in the past (yikes), I finally figured out the correct products to keep in my arsenal. I use Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo ($58) to really clarify my scalp. That way, I don’t have to wash again for another week. Over-cleansing can often dry out your hair, and because curly hair is naturally dryer than other textures, I try to wash as little as possible. Post-shower, I squeeze out the excess water and brush with Mason Pearson’s Large Popular Mixture Bristle Brush ($205). Yes, I agree shelling out a cool $205 for a hairbrush is steep, but it makes a difference in the way my curls form. It stimulates the scalp and encourages growth (always a plus) and distributes the natural oils from root to tip (you can learn more about hair care tips visiting Hair Spray Guide). Again, because I have dry, color-damaged hair, it really helps. After detangling, I apply Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil ($69) from mid-shaft to my ends. I spend a lot of time really working the product in to each strand so it soaks up the formula. It’s light, smells great, and actively penetrates into the hair follicle. I try to keep it simple, so that’s the only product I use. Plus it does a lot of heavy lifting on its own. I brush my hair out again after applying and let it air-dry. Sometimes on very humid days I’ll add another dose to my ends once it’s 100% dry.”

Giselle Childs, Copy Editor, U.S. and UK

“I’ve been using Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Leave-In Conditioner ($6) on my just-washed hair for the past few months and I’m really into it. Because my tight and dry 3B-ish curls like to frizz (#rude), I need a product that smooths and defines but still lets the curls do their thing; this one checks all the boxes. Best part? It’s super affordable and has a cute heart-shaped top.”

Abandon The Preconceived Notions You Have About Being A Chef And Have Some Fun!



Many people look at cooking as a chore, but the truth is that cooking can be one of the most relaxing and cathartic activities you can engage in. Cooking isn’t just about eating; it is about using different combinations of things to create a taste sensation. Even if you aren’t a foodie, cooking can be something that can relieve stress and something you can immerse yourself in. If you consider a pot and pan a canvas, you can paint some really cool masterpieces.

If you are a picky eater, the good news is that you can cook up something not only delicious but good for you. Combining those things you like and leaving out the things you don’t, gives you the control to make concoctions that you will enjoy. Adding a pinch of this and a cup of that makes it much more fun to taste than when someone puts something on your plate.

joy-233380_1280Cooking is about more than just food and drink; it is like a chemistry experiment. The secret is to know the science behind why we like the tastes we do. It is fascinating to find how certain tastes and textures mix in a perfect ph balance to be either tasty or downright terrible. Remember when you were a kid, and you liked to put food concoctions together just to see how they would taste? Try that out again; you would be surprised how much fun it really is.

Being a chef isn’t about any formal training or uppity culinary school, it is about finding your passion and putting your time, energy and love into the food you eat. Whether you are an artist or not, putting colors on a plate, mixing textures you never dreamed of, and finding the right ingredients to make not only you oh and ah, but your guests as well, can be very satisfying.

The key is to stop having a preconceived notion of what a good chef is and what a chef is not. Anyone can cook if they have the will, the desire and the creativity. If you keep in mind you are going to have to taste a lot of frog combos to find your prince; it can be a whole lot of fun. Find the inner cook by abandoning all that you think a chef is and being the chef you want to be.

When speaking about cooking, it’s very important to have all the needed kitchen appliances to really enjoy making a good meal. There are so many of then that it would require another blog post to fully cover them. An Owen, a good set of knives, a kitchen extractor, and even a nice electric knife sharpener that can be found here http://www.thebestelectricknifesharpener.com/ would be a boost in your kitchen.